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Subscription Information

All print and online subscriptions to Social Theory and Practice are managed by the Philosophy Documentation Center. Rates are available at: Online access for current issues is available only through the Philosophy Documentation Center.

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Typescripts should be double-spaced (except for endnotes (or footnotes), which may be single-spaced), and should include an abstract of 80-100 words and 5-8 keywords. References should be included in the notes rather than in-text. Bibliographic information should be included in the notes rather than in a separate bibliography. We prefer manuscripts of 8,000-12,000 words in length (including notes), although shorter or longer manuscripts may also be considered. (We do not publish very short papers that have the form of a "Note" or "Comment".) We can normally also consider unsolicited book review essays (6,000-8,000 words) and shorter book reviews (2,000-3,500 words) for publication.

Papers should be prepared for blind review and submitted electronically (preferably as Microsoft Word documents) to Author-identifying information, any deleted references or acknowledgments, and a statement that the paper has not been published previously in any form (including online on an unrestricted website) and is not currently under consideration elsewhere should be included in a separate note. An email address should be provided for acknowledgment of receipt.

All papers are peer reviewed. The review process is normally completed within 8-10 weeks, with accepted articles appearing 4-6 months after acceptance of the final version of the paper. Our acceptance rate is 15 percent.



Mark LeBar 

Editorial Committee

Randolph Clarke, Russell Dancy, John Kelsay, Simon Cabulea May, David McNaughton, Alfred Mele, Maria Morales, J. Piers Rawling  

Advisory Board

Linda Alcoff, Hunter College
Andrew Altman, Georgia State University
Elizabeth Anderson, University of Michigan
Elizabeth Brake, Arizona State University
Claudia Card, University of Wisconsin-Madison
John Christman, Pennsylvania State University
M. Victoria Costa, College of William and Mary
Nir Eyal, Harvard University
William Galston, University of Maryland at College Park
Joshua Gert, College of William and Mary
Virginia Held, City University of New York
Rosalind Hursthouse, University of Auckland
Alison Jaggar, University of Colorado
Peter Jones, Newcastle University
Simon Keller, Victoria University of Wellington
Will Kymlicka, Queen’s University, Ontario
Andrew Mason, University of Warwick
Larry May, Vanderbilt University
Joan McGregor, Arizona State University
Jeff McMahan, Rutgers University
Jonathan Quong, University of Southern California
Samuel C. Rickless, University of California, San Diego
David Shoemaker, Tulane University
A. John Simmons, University of Virginia
Peter Vallentyne, University of Missouri, Columbia


Managing Editor: Margaret Dancy
Editorial Associate: Dena Hurst

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